About us

Musicreel is not your regular music blog

Musicreel is a music streaming platform like Spotify that helps music artistes share their music with the world. It has unique features like a multi-role admin system for uploading songs, rule-based music streaming system, comment section, views count system and more.

On Musicreel, Music Artistes get to:

  1. Track their music views
  2. Track their music streams
  3. Track their music downloads
  4. Track their music comments

Musicreel has Unique Features like:

  1. Top 10 Most streamed songs chart
  2. Most downloaded song
  3. Most streamed song
  4. An easy to use search Bar

Musicreel Streaming Policy:

  1. A user must listen to a song for at least 30 seconds before it gets recorded as a stream
  2. A user can stream a song multiple times and it will be recorded
  3. A user's music download will only be recorded once. Any other download made by the same user will not be recorded
  4. A user's view will only be recorded once. Any other time that same user views the song, it will not be recorded

Our goal is to help music artistes get realtime number of views, streams and downloads